Buck Vanguard Review 2021- Best Hunting Knife on the Market?

Buck Vanguard Review

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    Our Top  Hunting Knife Pick!

    A trusty hunting knife can be a real game-changer during your hunting trips. Whether you’re looking for a knife that’s sharp enough to make skinning a breeze, or strong enough to tackle tough field dressing, the Buck Vanguard 192 is one of the best options out there. Continue reading our Buck Vanguard review to see if this is the best knife for your needs.

    Buck Vanguard 192 Knife – At a Glance:

    The Buck 192 Vanguard easily stands out as one of the most reliable fixed blade knives on the market. With its high-quality build, heritage design, and excellent sharpness and edge retention, it’s easily one of the most well-rounded hunting knives.

    The Vanguard fixed blade knife can also double as a versatile camping knife if you plan to go on extended hunting trips. It can be used as a first-aid tool, in addition to helping you prepare food, dig, and hammer. Throughout this Vanguard fixed blade knife review, I will highlight why buck knives need to be part of your gear and how they can transform your hunting adventures.  


    • Offers excellent value
    • Exceptional build quality and durable construction
    • Comes in a compact size for a well-balanced feeling
    • Retains its sharpness even after rigorous usage
    • Perfect for heavy-duty applications like hunting
    • The included sheath comes with a built-in belt loop
    • You get a lifetime warranty with your purchase


    • The full-bellied drop point blade is not ideal for piercing
    • Quality of the leather sheath could be better
    • The non-foldable design might bother some people

    Our Buck Vanguard Review

    1. Blade

    The blade is what makes or breaks a hunting knife, and Buck 192BR Vanguard strikes just the right balance between size, sharpness, and edge retention. 

    Compared to other knives on the market, the blade is not by any means a large one. However, during my testing, I didn’t notice any compromise in strength as I could perform all the heavy-duty applications like skinning and field dressing. 

    The relatively smaller size adds significantly to the knife’s overall portability as well. I found myself slipping the Buck 192BR Vanguard in my pocket or backpack more often, as the compact footprint doesn’t add much bulk when I’m chasing a game.

    When it comes to sharpness, the blade is made of high-grade 420 HC stainless steel that retains an impressively sharp edge out of the box. This is the main selling point for me as a hunter, as I can skin even the largest animals without any hassle.

    Given my experience with hunting knives over the years, I’ve learned that a blade’s sharpness and edge retention don’t necessarily go hand in hand. That’s why you shouldn’t prioritize one over the other when deciding on buying a new knife.

    Even the sharpest stainless steel blades can get dull with time, and sometimes minor cutting duties are all it takes to make your knife useless. Luckily, this is not the case with Buck 192BR Vanguard, as after heavy usage, it still retains a sharp edge. This means that you can use your knife for a long time to come without always having to worry about sharpening it.

    Another distinguishing feature of the Vanguard fixed-blade knife is its full-bellied drop point blade. Such a style is perfect for hunting, as it gives you more control without compromising the blade’s strength. Hunters can precisely skin their catches without causing any damage to the hunt’s hide or meat.

    2. Handle

    The Vanguard fixed blade knife comes with a classical handle design that is comfortable and balanced in hand. It’s made of Heritage Walnut and adorned with polished brass for a classy look that makes old-school hunters feel right at home.

    During my experience with the knife, I can tell you that Buck Knives puts safety front and center throughout the design process. The handle comes with a finger guard that ensures your finger never slips in the sharp blade’s direction. I found this extra useful, especially with heavy-duty tasks where I need to apply power to my knife, so I don’t have to worry about accidentally cutting myself.

    Have you ever had a knife blade get clunky and eventually separate from the handle? Well, those days will be in the past, as the Vanguard’s fixed blade embraces a full tang design. Accordingly, it extends all the way along with the handle, significantly boosting the knife’s overall strength and durability.

    For more versatile grips, the Buck 192BR knife adopts a deep choil. The choil is the unsharpened area of the blade where it meets the handle. This design approach allows you to use the knife as a forward finger grip, making it reliable for hunting and other outdoor activities.

    The deep choil also protects your knife’s handle when you sharpen the blade, acting as a stopping point and a transition zone between the blade’s area that needs sharpening and the blunt handle.

    3. Sheath

    Buck Vanguard Review w/ Sheath

    A proper sheath is an integral part of a good hunting knife. It provides a safe, portable solution for your knife, and allows you to protect it when not in use.

    The quality of the genuine leather sheath that comes with Buck 192BR Vanguard is decent. It has a snap fastener, so you can quickly and easily sheath and unsheath your blade. Also, it has an integrated belt loop that allows you to affix the knife safely and securely to your belt.

    The Vanguard fixed blade knife comes with a high-end sheath that nails both the looks and functionality. The perfect fit and ease of use are key features that made me prefer this stock sheath over other third-party alternatives.

    What Users Think of Buck 192BR Vanguard

    The Buck 192BR knife has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from users, with an average rating of 4.8 stars, and the majority of users giving it a perfect score. Most users praise buck knives craftsmanship and exceptional quality. They also believe it’s a good value for their money after using it over the years.

    Users like the compact size as well. Many commented that the size is perfect and feels well-balanced. Finally, hunters praised the stainless steel blade’s sharpness that allowed them to go on many hunting trips without getting dull.

    On the other hand, some users were disappointed with the quality of the leather sheath. They reported that it didn’t live up to their expectations and left more to be desired. A minority of the reviewers also commented on the handle’s color, finding it too dark for their taste. Instead, they were looking for a less polished one with a more woody feel in their hands.

    Final Thoughts

    As you’ve seen in my Buck Vanguard knife review, the Vanguard is arguably one of the best hunting knives on the market. There is no better way to get started with your hunting adventures than getting the right tools to set you on the right path, and a sharp, user-friendly hunting knife is on the top of that list.

    Upon using the Buck 192 knives, I believe that you’ll be impressed by the variety of everyday life applications where you’ll find this one useful. The compact size and included genuine leather sheath adds to the knife’s portability, allowing you to take it with you anywhere with ease.

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