Mora Companion Review 2021- A Great Budget Hunting Knife

Mora Companion Review

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    Also known by the name MoraKniv, the Mora Companion is a modern-day version of the classic Mora knife that originated in 1891. Founded in the town of Mora, Sweden, hence the name, the Morakniv company has been producing high-quality knives for nearly 130 years.

    In this Mora Companion review, you will learn more about the Morakniv Companion designs, the types that are best suited for Bushcraft, and the materials used in the making of the knife. This will help you make the best-informed decision about whether the Companion is the best knife for you.

    How Good is the Mora Knife?

    Morakniv has developed a considerable reputation over the years. The company was originally known as the Bud-Carl Andersson knife factory. From its founding in 1891 until the middle part of the 20th century, the company was primarily known for its knives. To diversify the company and take advantage of new trends, Bud-Carl Andersson began creating ice drills called “Mora-borren”.

    The drills were so good in terms of their sharpness and durability, that the same reputation began to spill over into the knives that they were creating as well. At that point, the KJ Eriksson knife factory bought out Bud-Carl Andersson and the combination solidified the reputation of the famed knives. The result was the spread of Mora knives around the world.

    Today, there are several types of Mora knives available. Most of them are geared towards outdoor use, although there are types that are primarily designed for the kitchen and other utility tasks. The Morakniv Companion is one of the latest in this proud line of knives.

    Our Mora Companion Review

    As with any review, it all starts with the basics. The specifications of the knife are typical for many in the Mora line. The Mora Companion has many unique qualities that make it a desirable choice for the outdoors or Bushcraft.


    • Blade Length: 4.1”
    • Blade Thickness: 0.125”
    • Total Length: 8.75”
    • Weight: 4.1 oz
    • Rubber Grip
    • Color-Matching Plastic Sheath
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty from Manufacturer

    The specs are similar in many ways to other knives of its type on the market. What helps bolster the reputation of this knife is the manufacturer and the limited lifetime warranty. Which for a relatively inexpensive knife is a real bonus.

    Pros & Cons

    The Mora Companion offers a solid, durable, and user-friendly knife for many different situations. What follows are the advantages and disadvantages.


    • Low Cost
    • Sandvik 12C27 Stainless Steel blade
    • Easy to sharpen Scandi grind
    • Rubber Grip for Better Control
    • Ergonomic Design
    • Fixed Blade for Heavy Duty Usage

    There are some versions that sport a carbon-steel blade. Arguably the biggest advantage is the low cost itself. It’s clear that Morakniv saw the need for a low-cost version on the market and designed the Companion to fulfill that need.


    • Plastic Sheath
    • Only ¾ Tang

    There is little getting around the plastic sheath, although it is not terrible. The same goes for the lack of full tang, but then again it is not expected in a knife at this price range.

    Blade: This depends on the type of blade that you purchase. This Morakniv Companion review will let you know the pros and cons of each type.

    The stainless-steel blade is strong, durable, and most importantly will not rust or dull. It will stay sharp and shiny for a long time with the only maintenance required being wiping the blade after each use. In this regard, it has a definite advantage over carbon steel.

    However, while you will need to clean and maintain a carbon steel blade more often to prevent oxidation, the blade itself is sharper and will hold its sharpness for longer periods. And while the carbon steel blade will eventually dull over time, it is easier to sharpen and will maintain its sharpness better compared to stainless steel version.

    So, your choice between carbon or stainless steel will depend on what you want from the blade itself. Better sharpness or easier maintenance.

    Handle: The handle for the Mora Companion is well-designed in terms of its shape. It easily fits in the hand and the rubber grip will maintain contact even if your hands are wet, dirty, or greasy. However, most of the material that makes up the handle is plastic which may not be desirable for some. But then again this is an economy version of the classic Mora knife design.

    It should be noted that there are no finger grooves, no jimping or swells at the palm areas. The design is simplicity itself, but that’s what makes it well-suited for different hand sizes. The rubber grip adds to the contact so that you always feel in full control of the knife itself.

    The shape of the handle is well-considered. There is a downturn at both the front and butt ends, but the turn is gradual enough that your fingers will not feel crowded. Unless you have very large fingers, the handle itself is ergonomically designed for a multitude of different tasks.

    Sheath: Being made from plastic will automatically make it less desirable compared to sheaths made of leather or other natural materials. The advantages of the sheath are that it is durable, easy to maintain, and will generally hold up under normal use conditions.

    Another feature that the sheath does have is a thumb ramp. This is a small tab that allows you to use your thumb to separate the knife from the sheath easily. Considering the low price, this is a nice touch. It may not be all that attractive, but the sheath does perform its main task well, which is to protect the blade

    Which Morakniv Companion is Best for Bushcraft?

    It should be noted that the knife we’re reviewing is but one of several different designs on the market. This means that you have your selection of which type of Mora knife is best for your needs. For Bushcraft, the typical tasks required from a knife include the following.

    • Batoning
    • Carving
    • Creating Tinder
    • Cutting Wood
    • Skinning
    • Creating Fire

    The Companion is well-suited to these tasks, although it is arguably not the best of Mora knives in terms of each task. This is because the Companion only has a 4.1” blade which is generally shorter than typical survival knives that often range from 5” to 7” or longer.

    The shorter length of the Companion’s blade means that tasks that require the application of more force, such as cutting wood or batoning may be more difficult. However, the blade is perfectly suited for creating fresh tinder from fallen branches, carving, and starting fires with the help of flint or other fire-starting materials.

    The best Mora knife in terms of Bushcraft is arguably the Morakniv Garberg full tang, complete with the carbon steel blade for maximum sharpness. Although only slightly longer compared to the Morakniv Companion, this is a far more useful knife out in the wilderness.

    Its only competitor in this field is the Morakniv Garberg Sandvik which uses a stainless-steel blade instead of a carbon steel one. Although not quite as sharp, the design of the blade combined with its versatility makes it well-suited for outdoor use.

    The only downside of the full tang Garberg compared to the Companion is the higher price. At the higher price point, the Garberg may be out of the price range for those who spend less time outdoors.

    It should be noted that Bushcraft is a general term that originated in Australia. It is used to describe items that are useful for living in the bush or the outdoors. The primary emphasis is on utility, durability, and longevity. In this regard, the Mora Companion is exceptionally designed to handle a wide variety of tasks even if it is not the best knife for a singular task.

    What can be said is that the Mora Companion is not strictly the best knife for Bushcraft. But given its price point and overall design, it still serves that purpose quite well.

    Is the Mora Companion Full Tang?

    To understand in the Mora Companion review whether the knife is full tang, it is important to know what full tang means.

    Full tang is when the handle is built around the back end of the blade. This means that the metal used to create the blade extends back to the full length of the handle itself. The result is that the blade is fully connected to the handle which makes it impossible for the blade to separate from the connection point without breaking the blade itself. For those who prefer knives fit for survival purposes, full tang is usually preferred.

    The Mora Companion is three-quarters tang. This means that the blade extends 3/4ths the way towards the end of the handle. It is not quite full tang, but the length does provide for heavy-duty and long-lasting use. Although not quite as desirable as the full tang, this provides additional durability and security when using the knife for different situations. For many, the three-quarters tang is more than sufficient, especially given the price point.


    Of the several different knives that make up the Mora family, the Mora Companion offers exceptional advantages for the price. This means that while you pay less, you get so much from this knife that makes it perfect for outdoor and survival use.

    If there is a downside, the Mora Companion is not the top of the line, but that is only because it is designed with those who are on a budget. The overall quality is quite high, and the handle is ergonomically designed to allow for easy use in many different situations.

    This is a great budget knife. It is not a knife that you should expect will last a lifetime, although it is remarkably durable considering the low cost. The Mora Companion is primarily a utility knife that is well-suited to perform a wide variety of tasks, but it is not perfect for every task. Having said that, it is more than good enough for most people who want a general use knife to meet a wide variety of needs.

    Whether the Mora Companion is right for you will depend on what you expect out of the knife itself, how much time do you spend outdoors, and whether you are seeking versatility or something more specific in the design.

    For those who enjoy spending time outdoors, who want a survivalist knife, and want maximum efficiency of usage, then the Mora Companion is for you. The Sandvik version is about the same size, but considerably better which makes it perfect for Bushcraft. However, this is not to say that the Mora Companion is useless when outdoors. Only that the Sandvik and full tang versions are somewhat better as their high price tag indicates.

    For those who are looking for a knife that is versatile, durable, and well-suited for food preparation, then the Companion is for you. The difference between the Companion and similar versions is minimal. Plus, it makes a great knife when preparing food outdoors as well.

    In this review, you have seen the advantages that this knife has to offer. For those who are looking for a great hunting knife without having to pay top dollar, the Mora Companion offers an excellent choice. 

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    1. Enjoyed your article. I have used mora knives since 1997, when I bought the classic red barrel handled knife with 5-inch blade. I have the original Clipper in carbon. I agree with your article and review. Just would like to add the “plastic handles” are made of Polypropylene. It is the same material as the casing of your auto batteries. It is resistant to chemicals, will not warp or crack. It’s tuff stuff. Not just a cheap, poor performing plastic. My Clipper is my EDC.

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