Best Hunting Knife Guide 2023-Everything You Need to Know

Best Hunting Knife

When it comes to hunting, whether hunting deer with a rifle or hunting hogs with a compound bow, 

Though each type of game and hunting method comes with specific gear requirements, the hunting knife you choose is arguably the most important.

What is the best hunting knife? Well, the answer to that question depends solely on you, and what you intend to use it for.

When shopping for a great hunting knife, it’s important to take into account your own specific needs, and realize that there usually isn’t a “one size fits all” or “universal” hunting knife that will satisfy all of your requirements.

There are many different hunting knife types, sizes and designs on the market, each with an intended use or purpose.

With all of the different features, about a million unique variants, and a wide range of price points, choosing the right hunting knife can be a daunting task.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know to find a great hunting knife, with the features you need and within your price range. We’ll also show you our top recommendations for each different knife category to help you narrow down your decision.






Many hunters prefer to have several different types of hunting knives, each for a specific purpose. But we’ll get to that later in the guide.

When faced with the task of researching and purchasing new gear, most people will start the process by throwing a generic query into the old web browser in hopes that the perfect product will magically pop up and into their online shopping cart.

Unfortunately, even as amazing as technology is these days, making an informed decision isn’t that easy.

In this case, there are many different hunting knife types, sizes and designs on the market, each with an intended use or purpose.

Before making a purchase, ask yourself some questions like:

  • Is this knife going to be used only as a deer skinning knife?
  • Will I need to cut any other materials like rope or tree branches?
  • Will this knife suffice as a field dressing knife if I need to cut cartilage or bone?
  • Will this knife work for a small game animal, or is it too big?
  • Do I want a rigid, fixed blade knife, or a more compact, foldable hunting knife?

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